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Our publication lists span many experiments. Like many of those on collaborative physics experiments we have papers in which group members directly contributed (thesis analyses for example) and papers in which we earned the right to be an author because of indirect contributions such as helping build a vital component of the detector.


We do not list conference proceedings under Primary Author. Those are found in the Other Author section, even if a group member was the sole author.

Postdoc contributions are only listed if the work was performed while a member of our neutrino group.
CCM Collaboration • A.A. Aguilar-Arevalo et al. e-Print: 2105.14020 [hep-ex] DOI:10.1103/PhysRevD.106.012001  COHERENT Collaboration • D. Akimov et al. e-Print: 2109.11049 [hep-ex] A.M. Ankowski (SLAC), A. Ashkenazi (Tel Aviv U.), S. Bacca (U. Mainz, PRISMA and Helmholtz Inst., Mainz), J.L. Barrow (Tel Aviv U. and MIT), M. Betancourt (Fermilab) et al. e-Print: 2203.06853 [hep-ex] Jonathan L. Feng (UC, Irvine), Felix Kling (DESY), Mary Hall Reno (Iowa U.), Juan Rojo (Amsterdam U. and Nikhef, Amsterdam), Dennis Soldin (Delaware U., Bartol Inst.) et al. e-Print: 2203.05090 [hep-ex] J.M. Campbell (Fermilab), M. Diefenthaler (Jefferson Lab), T.J. Hobbs (Fermilab and IIT, Chicago), S. Höche (Fermilab), J. Isaacson (Fermilab) et al. e-Print: 2203.11110 [hep-ph] M. AbdullahH. AbeleD. AkimovG. AngloherD. Aristizabal Sierra et al. e-Print: 2203.07361 [hep-ph]
Oleksandr Tomalak (Kentucky U. and Fermilab), Pedro Machado (Fermilab), Vishvas Pandey (Florida U.), Ryan Plestid (Kentucky U. and Fermilab) e-Print: 2011.05960 [hep-ph]
DOI: 10.1007/JHEP02(2021)097 
Published in: JHEP 02 (2021), 097 COHERENT Collaboration • D. Akimov et al.
e-Print: 2109.11049 [hep-ex] SBND Collaboration • R. Acciarri (Fermilab) et al.
e-Print: 2012.01301 []
DOI: 10.3389/frai.2021.649917
Published in: Front.Artif.Intell. 4 (2021), 649917 N. Van Dessel (Gent U.), V. Pandey (Florida U.), H. Ray (Florida U.), N. Jachowicz (Gent U.)
e-Print: 2007.03658 [nucl-th] S. Dolan (CERN), A. Nikolakopoulos (Gent U.), O. Page (Bristol U.), S. Gardiner (Fermilab), N. Jachowicz (Gent U.) et al.
e-Print: 2110.14601 [hep-ex] Luis A. AnchordoquiAkitaka ArigaTomoko ArigaWeidong BaiKincso Balazs 
et al.e-Print: 2109.10905 [hep-ph]

On any publication where the graduate students are given authorship because of indirect contribution their advisor is also listed as author.  Thus this section only displays Other Author publications by the P.I.’s and Postdocs.  

P.I. Heather Ray

Co-P.I. Ivan Furic

Postdoc Varuna Meddage

Postdoc Biswaranjan Behera

Postdoc Vishvas Pandey (left group in Summer 22)