Neutrino Research

New Physics Building Gainesville, FL 32611


The University of Florida group joined SBND in August, 2017. SBND is also an accelerator-based neutrino experiment, located at Fermilab. SBND is located in the Booster beamline, and is one of three detectors comprising the Short Baseline Neutrino Program. …[read more]


We also work on a light dark matter/neutrino experiment at Los Alamos National Laboratory. The CCM experiment uses beams of neutrinos (and possible light dark matter!) produced as a by-product by the LANSCE neutron source. There the interaction of high energy protons with a tungsten target produces, in addition to the spallation…[read more]


Looking beyond SBN, the DUNE/Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF) was designed to provide precision measurements of neutrino oscillation parameters…[read more]